Honoring the Honors College's history: the Ball State University Honors College oral history project

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Cieslik, Emma
Doyle, Michael
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Honors College
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Oral storytelling has been a part of historical narratives since the beginning of speech and culture. Today, oral history serves as a principle research method for creating primary sources for historical research and ethnographic study in anthropology. Oral history has and is a common research method at Ball State University, with recent projects including the Ball State University African-American Alumni Oral History Project in 2009 and the African American Alumni Oral History Project II in 2017. These projects, as well as the Ball State University Honors College Oral History Project (BSUHCOHP), reflect an interest in groups that have been largely unrecognized in the historical record. In this project, I researched and conducted three oral history interviews with staff and faculty at the Ball State University Honors College through the BSUHCOHP. These were part of a total of 34 interviews that were done with Honors College faculty, staff, administrators, and alumni. The Honors College, prior to this Project, did not have its own written history. I helped to gather primary sources on key Ball State staff and faculty with which future scholars could author such a history. Through this Project, I created substantial primary source documents on key Ball State Honors College staff and faculty for posterity and future researchers.