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Enlow, Kelsey
Gardiner, Kathryn S.
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Thesis (B.?)
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In many creative writing courses short stories are the main focus of the curriculum. This is because they are easier to take through the whole writing process, drafting, critiques, and revisions, in the time that a semester allows. While this method is the most practical for a large class of students who have fifteen weeks to do a number of assignments, the value of exploring longer forms still seems important. The techniques learned on short form pieces transfer over well to long form pieces but it seems as though there is something more to learn by writing a longer script and seeing just how these skills transfer, and what skills transfer over better and what skills need amended slightly. In this project I apply the techniques I have learned with shorter forms to a larger one hundred page script about three sisters navigating different periods of life and defining what home means to them. They struggle with alcohol abuse, drug addiction, and work life balance as they figure out what relationships are important and which to let go. I felt this story needed the space of one hundred pages, but also helped build the skills connecting short form and long forms.