Structural significance

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Behrent, Kolton
Koester, Robert
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Thesis (B. Arch.)
College of Architecture and Planning
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Structural Significance is a project aimed at studying three aspects of architectural experience: physical circulation, spatial organization, and perceptual navigation. To further understand these, the design of an airport terminal is used. The site chosen is at the existing Indianapolis International Airport. The site was chosen for its adjacency to a major metropolitan area while also being nestled between two highways. The airport terminal features two semi-circular wings that sweep through each other, creating a centralized focus centered on the site's natural axis. Each of these semi-circular wings is constructed of a series of structural modules that feature a keystone shaped space frame, four canted columns, and three skylights. The columns and skylights create a natural means of physical circulation wherein the structure guides patrons. Where the semi-circular wings meet, a unique set of architectural and structural elements emerge. Larger skylights and a two-story space anchor the center of the terminal. Through the design of this airport terminal, the needs of required by physical circulation, spatial organization, and perceptual navigation have been met while still featuring a unique, modern design.