Within the liminal

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Polchinski, Steven
Keogh, Sarah
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Thesis (B. Arch.)
College of Architecture and Planning
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Buildings that follow the typical transit center typology act as liminal spaces comprised of moments of transition that are experienced briefly. This project explores the injection of performance space into the transit center typology, shifting the building experience from liminal space to transitional place. These performance spaces provide a programmatic definition that transforms the experience from the liminal realm into a tangible, experiential place. The underlying transitory nature of the building is retained in this new definition, while still allowing the building typology to become more than a brief moment of experience. As a place, the transit center also becomes a location of intersection. Users cross paths while transferring between the diverse transit modes of Chicago, Illinois. The transit center landscape becomes the medium for this transition, exposing users to performance art as a means of enrichment while maintaining efficiency in transit navigation. Additionally, this thesis explores programmatic intersections, supporting various dining and retail spaces as well as performing arts and recreational opportunities. This transit center is a hub for interaction, creating a dynamic canvas to celebrate art and self-expression within a vibrant, fast-paced city.