Me: the continuing journey

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Hernandez, Gerardo
Powell, Jason
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During my life, I had come to learn many things. One thing that was consistent throughout my entire life would be, discrimination. I wanted to write about my life story and the recipes I learned along the way to showcase the experiences of a person of color growing up in many places where the majority of the people in that community are white. I believe by touching light on this subject, it will better educate those who have never had these experiences, in hopes that it will open their minds to new points of views. Though my life may have not been as hard as others that I have met and got to know, I still feel like my experiences as still important to share with others so they can see from all points of views. With this, I also hope they learn a thing or two from all the recipes I have included that I felt were ones that truly helped me learn to accept myself as who I am and that I am worthy of many great things in life.