Honors thesis: literature review and analysis of LGBTQ+ adoption

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Aul, Madeline
Johnson, Emily
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Thesis (B.?)
Honors College
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LGBTQ+ adoption is a controversial subject as the LGBTQ+ community strives for equality for all prospective parents while other groups fight to keep the LGBTQ+ community from adopting children. In order to determine the proper course for advancing LGBTQ+ adoption, many scholars from a variety of backgrounds have analyzed this issue. The analysis of literature from the four fields of economics, sociology, politics, and law shows how scholars are viewing LGBTQ+ adoption and also shows the complex issues keeping LGBTQ+ adoption from advancing. Literature regarding the history of LBGTQ+ rights shows how LGBTQ+ issues have advanced to dealing with adoption today. Analysis of works by economists and sociologists show how LGBTQ+ adoption should work while the works of politicians and legal experts show the importance of shifting societal views towards acceptance. I analyze literature from the fields of economics, sociology, politics, and law and through this illustrate how LGBTQ+ adoption is viewed currently and historically and potential avenues for advancement.