Jury deliberations

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Stewart, Katelyn
Blom, Robin
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Wrongful decisions are made by juries in the court room on a regular basis. There are many different factors that play into this, like eyewitness misidentification, investigatory mishaps, racial bias, pre-trial publicity, and jury deliberation. Jury deliberation does not have as much research, as we would like, when it comes to the role that it plays in wrongful decisions made by juries. More research on the topic would be beneficial. This research makes use of a mock trial in an honors class at Ball State University, with a total of 91 participants, to determine if jury instruction plays a large enough role in deliberation to make a difference. The results show that more instruction on top of the instruction already provided by judges does help jury deliberation become more efficient. Future Research could examine the scope of the extra instructions, like what is most important for jury members to know.