Personal construct

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Meyer, Amanda M.
Jasper, Maura
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Thesis (M.A.)
Department of Art
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This creative project is a community-driven website entitled Personal Construct, which uses text, images, and online drawing tools to allow visitors to create visuals of personal experiences with others. The project investigates identity through memory and interpersonal experiences, seeking to transform the gallery of the website into a surrogate individual composed of real-time interactions with the site. Lines of internet code influence how the project appears and changes as visitors create new memories through direct interaction with an HTML5 canvas. Similarly, our brains dynamically create new neural connections as we interact with others. Code becomes a metaphor for this neural network. While there is an initial framework that exists as an entity of its own at the beginning of the project, the project itself will become a different individual as it stores each interaction. The website will be hosted at from June 2014 until May 2016.