An archaeological assessment of the Strawtown site and the immediate vicinity

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Hixon, James Lee
Hicks, Ronald (Ronald E.)
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Thesis (M.S.)
Department of Anthropology
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This study is an assessment of the archaeological resources the Strawtown Site area in northeastern Hamilton County, Indiana. Strawtown was an intensively occupied village during the Late woodland Period (Householder, personal communication, 1986) and appears closely related to the Bowen site (Dorwin, 1971:209). This thesis documents the Strawtown Site and associated :materials through background research and collection analysis; other sites in the immediate vicinity were identified through a systematic reconnaissance of a 555.24 acre sample area. This information was combined to test both Dorwin's (1971) Oliver Phase settlement pattern and the Woodland settlement model proposed by Stephenson (1984). In light of the information that is available, Dorwin's and Stephenson's models of a seasonal occupation of the river valley by Late Woodland groups was argued against in favor of a model which assumes permanent Late Woodland occupation of the river valley.