A conceptual model of the interaction effects of a industrial corporate bureaucracy and a professional academic organization

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Ellis, Norman E.
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Thesis (M.A.)
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The purpose of the present paper is to systematically analyze the relationship between organizations in the private sector of our economy and the organizational structures of academic departments of sociology. We will be addressing ourselves not to a detailed analysis of either organization but to the relationships between them.The interest of sociologists, particularly industrial sociologists, and the needs of private organizations, particularly large scale manufacturing concerns e.g., Westinghouse, are of such a nature that in many instances relationships between the two organizational structures referred to often become structured in and of themselves. In this paper we are going to concern ourselves with the nature of these structured relationships, i, e., the relationships between some manufacturing concerns and academic departments of sociology. In addition vie are going to give considerable attention to the impact these relationships do or might have on the internal structures, and external relationships of both academic departments of sociology and industrial concerns.Due to limited time and non-existing funds the most fruitful procedure is believed to be the building of a model or system of classification that is capable of generating testable hypothesis. This, of course, limits the degree of sophistication, but it is hoped that this lack of sophistication does not diminish the value of this attempt as a necessary first step.Specifically, in this paper the writer will attempt to develop a system of classification which will encompass the vast variety of behaviors which result from real or felt threats to the structure and/or functions of an organization.The specific concern of this paper is with two particular types of organizations. It is felt, however, that with slight modification the classification system could be extended to a wide variety of organizations.