Linking the design of facilities, recycling, and curriculum : applying a design method inspired by experiences in Latin America and South Asia to a BSU residential hall renovation

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Dettbarn, Dorothee I.
Koester, Robert J.
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Thesis (M. Arch.)
Department of Architecture
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In this thesis, an environmentally sound and human scale set of design principles, which values ideas like environmental friendliness, human comfort and locality, is formulated, examined and justified. These principles are inspired by experiences in Latin America and South Asia and their universal significance is illustrated through case studies from several countries around the world.In the design project, these principles are applied in a local setting, in this case a residential hall on the Ball State University campus in Muncie, Indiana. The design embraces a ‘green’ approach to campus facility renovation as part of the holistic movement to make the campus more sustainable.The design focus will be on the reuse and revitalization of materials thrown away on campus. Projects in which economic limitations enhance this specific creativity serve as role models. Through the reuse of material, the renovation process of campus facilities can be linked to the recycling program and the curriculum of the university.