An archaeological survey of the Mississinewa Reservoir

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Wepler, William R.
Wepler, William R.
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Thesis (M.A.)
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An archaeological survey was carried out for the Mississinewa Reservoir, located southwest of Peru in central Indiana. The goals of this study were to locate and evaluate a sample of the archaeological resources of the Mississinewa Reservoir area and to evaluate the impact of the reservoir and its management on those resources. During the course of the survey, 107 sites representing the Paleo-Indian, Early Archaic, Late Archaic, Middle Woodland, Late Woodland, and historic periods were recorded, while the general locations of several historic Native American sites were extracted from various sources. The distribution of prehistoric sites suggests that the presence of extensive chert bearing outcrops of Liston Creek limestone played an important role in the selection of site location. The impact of the reservoir on the archaeological resources of the reservoir is discussed as data is currently being lost by artifact collecting, and erosion due to cultivation and fluctuations in the reservoir pool.