Love's philosophy: a multicultural approach through song

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Grooms, Amber
Powell, Jason
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Thesis (B.?)
Honors College
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The philosophies of love, like many other philosophies, vary extensively across the fabrics of time and of geographical space. As people question throughout their lives, ³What is the truth of love?´ it may be difficult to pinpoint how others define it through mere actions. Through the study of various vocal pieces which are culturally different from one another, one can better understand how humanity generally conceives the notion of love, outside of any religious maxims fabricated over the years. The medium of song is one of universal communication, one which can help people understand emotions and conceptions without or in addition to extensive uses of language. Throughout my recital in April of 2021, I performed various sets sandwiched between two pieces titled ³Love in the Dictionar\´ (as to provide a framework of the recital) and ³Love¶s Philosoph\´ (to serve as a question-provoking recital closer). What may be defined in the dictionary ultimately cannot dictate how people learn certain concepts, and this is of vital importance as music teachers effectively educate twenty-first century classrooms with diverse student demographics.