Media's effects on the patient

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Melgarez, Melissa
Chapin, Phyllis A.
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Thesis (B.?)
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Media is something that is in people's lives almost every second of every day, whether it is the radio, television or advertisements that people see walking along the street in stores and on billboards. Constantly being barraged with this type of non-stop media is something that can affect every person, whether they are aware of it or not. Analyzing what happens when people are constantly exposed to different types of media and how they affect what patients expect at the hospital setting can be crucial to understanding and helping the patient in one of their greatest times of need. Looking at what is considered healthy and what is not, how medical staff are portrayed in television shows like House and Grey's Anatomy can be important to how a patient expects their stay to be in the hospital. This also influences what they consider to be good, healthy choices in their daily lives. I will look at research done on these subjects and analyze and synthesize the information to develop a better understand of how media affects our patients.