The Chinese women in the Olympic movement

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Lu, Xiaojie
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Thesis (M.A.)
School of Physical Education
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This study looked at Chinese women in the Olympic Movement. Descriptive analyzes the role of Chinese women in the Olympic Movement by looking at three broad areas: (1) participation of female athletes in the Olympic Games; (2) Chinese women athletes medals gaining in the Games; (3) Chinese women's membership in the national sports organizations and other international sport governing bodies.The result indicated that although Chinese women were entire involved in the Olympic Movement in 1980's, they have contributed a great deal to the Olympic Movement since they participated in the Games. Their participation percentage in the Olympics were higher than women's athletes total percentage(64% in 1996 Olympic Games). Chinese women athletes have even done better than the men. Typical reasons for the superiority of Chinese women athletes are: Chinese government have been attaching important to female revolution in China since the People's Republic of China was founded in 1949; Chinese female and male are equal; and Chinese women athletes were much more obedient than the men; and Chinese women athletes trained harder than the men.Results of this study suggested that the Olympic Movement could not separate from politics, economy, and society. Further study is needed to research what mental and physical differences are between Chinese women and others in the world.