A photomicroscopic comparison of naturally occurring quartz and calcite cementation in sandstones to the crystal properties of laboratory prepared cemented sandstones : an honors thesis [(HONRS 499)]

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Wiedman, Larry A.
Orr, R. William
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Thesis (B.?.)
Honors College
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The purpose of this project is to compare and contrast, photographically, the crystallization properties of naturally occurring sandstone cements, such as calcite and quartz, with sandstone cements produced in the laboratory, such as table salt, table sugar, Dekton photographic developer, Photoflow, and rochelle salt. These substances were chosen for three major reason: 1) obtainability, 2) rapid crystallization, 3) variance of crystal forms and properties.The pictures of the laboratory-created sandstones will be, in final form, transparent positives (slide photomicrographs) that can be easily enlarged by projection and readily compared with slides of natural cements in sandstones. Along with the slides, black and white photos will be provided for comparison with black and white text material collected during the initial research.The reason for this research is the need for the development of a sandstone prepared in the laboratory that can be reproduced easily and rapidly for the study of properties in naturally formed sandstones that can take thousands of years to develop. Obviously, a researcher cannot observe the development of a sandstone cement for such an extended length of time; thus, this project’s aim is to find process to be observed and analyzed "in situ"� within the laboratory.