Caregiver needs of the Alzheimer's victim

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Thayer-Huffmeyer, Angelia K.
Ryan, Marilyn E.
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Thesis (M.S.)
School of Nursing
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Alzheimer's Disease (AD) is among the most prevalent of the dementias and it is anticipated that much of the care required for the dependent patient will be provided in the home setting by a caregiver. The purpose of this study was to identify the importance of needs related to caregiving and the level of satisfaction of those needs related to the caregivers of Alzheimer's victims. The theoretical framework for this study is Dorthea Orem's "Self-Care Deficit Theory."The sample was 18 caregivers who attended one of three Alzheimer's Support Group meetings held in three central Indiana cities. Human subjects rights were protected. The Home Caregiver Needs Survey (HCNS), Hileman, 1990, was used to identify the information, household, patient psychological needs of the and care needs, personal and caregivers of Alzheimer's patients and to determine if these needs are being adequately met. Findings included: (a) the caregivers perceived the need for information, patient care, personal, spiritual, psychological need to be somewhat important to important; teach, assist and support caregivers throughout the and (b) satisfaction of the needs indicated that the caregivers were somewhat satisfied to satisfied with the needs presented. Implications call for: (a) Nursing intervention to caregiving experience. (b) Home health care agencies and senior citizens action groups to lobby for support and programs to assist caregivers.