A statistical method for establishing insulated cable clearances in large power transformers

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Lanoue, Thomas J.
Ali, Mir M.
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Thesis (M.S.)
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The relationship between impulse breakdown stress and stressed oil volume has been extensively investigated for uniform field electrodes. In large high voltage transformers it is essential to extend this relationship to paper insulated non-uniform field situations which are more frequently encountered in practice. This paper develops the stated relationship by experimental tests, using insulated cable to plane configurations, and statistical methods. These tests show that the impulse breakdown strength of an insulated cable to plane or nonuniform field system has a two parameter Weibull distribution, when the oil is considered to be the weak-link of the system. A non-linear regression analysis is then used to find that the Weibull parameters for insulated non-uniform field electrodes are approximately the same as the parameters for the uninsulated uniform field electrodes provided their stressed oil volumes are equivalent. Statistical calculations are used to derive the fundamental relationship between the Weibull parameters for any stressed oil volume and the Weibull parameters for the unit oil volume. With this relationship it is possible for design engineers to approximately determine the probability of electrical breakdown of any insulated cable to plane configuration in large power transformers.