Redevelopment of industrial sites on the Susquehanna River Greenway

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Montagno, Paul
Segedy, James A.
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Thesis (M.U.R.P.)
Department of Urban Planning
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As one of the initiatives associated with the creation of the Susquehanna River Greenway Corridor in Pennsylvania, new connections will be established between the river, the greenway, and river communities. These connections will be made in an attempt to strengthen and revitalize the river corridor. The connections will be facilitated through a variety of projects ranging from parks or scenic overlooks to large-scale commercial or industrial developments.It was the intention for this creative project to explore ways in which communities along the river could connect to the river and the greenway through the redevelopment of industrial brownfield sites that separated those communities from the river. It was believed that the redevelopments would create links between the communities, the river and the greenway and that these connections would generate enhancement for both the communities and the greenway.In order to make strong connections, the components of these redevelopment projects must be consistent with the existing greenway project. Therefore, the fundamental concepts and goals of the greenway were identified and from those concepts and goals, guidelines were created to help guide industrial redevelopment projects.The major goal of the greenway initiative is to enhance local communities and the Susquehanna River valley as a whole. Concepts for the greenway center on issues of access, the environment, local and regional history, recreation, and economic development.The guidelines that were created based on the greenway concepts are suggestions for techniques communities could use to incorporate these concepts into their redevelopment projects. Some of these suggestions are very specific to industrial brownfield sites. For example, the need for soil and groundwater remediation is identified. Other suggestions are based on general planning techniques that could be used in any development or redevelopment situation along the greenway. The guidelines focus on land use, creating physical and visual connections to the river, transportation and circulation, the incorporation of the historic component, the built and natural environment, and economic development.Attached, as an appendix to this creative project is a proposed plan for the redevelopment of an actual industrial site along the greenway. The plan was created using the guidelines from this project to demonstrate how the guidelines could work in a real situation. The plan includes an complete land use proposal for the site, plan graphics, individual perspective drawings that illustrate character, and explanations of various components or details of the plan meet the goals established in the guidelines.