Architecture and art : the influence of art in the design process

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Davis, Michael E.
Underwood, James R.
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Thesis (B. Arch.)
College of Architecture and Planning
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Architecture and artDesign and the process of making works of art surround us in our everyday lives. Design has become more a part of the mainstream culture as quality design ideas reach the masses. From television shows about design to Target stores that utilize quality designers to design their products, people are realizing the benefits of good design in their everyday lives. As architects there is a responsibility to respond to this trend through future design decisions.Below are a list of questions raised by the idea of architecture and art. Not all were addressed in the thesis process but all are interwoven into any study of architecture and art. How does art influence the process of design in architecture? Architects are artists that communicate through space and form. Ideas are built in three dimensions that can be inhabited by others. Does the built work become a piece of art for future inspiration of architects and artists? How are architects inspired by art and how are artists inspired by architecture? What is the common element between architecture and art? Can architects and artists work together to develop ideas? How does art in the process of design inform the architectural project? Can art inform the design process and be an influence through out the architectural project? Architects use technology to create works of art; however, does art contribute to the making of technology?Objectives of this thesis include: creating and defining space through artistic endeavors that shape the architecture; make the impossibility within art possible through architectonical means; to reveal the opportunities and languages of art that have an influence on architectural design; creation unrestrained by the logical thought of the architect and at the same grounded by what sets it free; freedom from the functional and programmatic constraints that are placed on space and form.What is the common language between architecture and art that bind them in a close relationship? A reciprocal relationship between the architectural design and the artistic work is the basis of the thesis. The intention is to discover artistic moments that breathe life into the architectural design process and add to the design.