Speaking up, speaking out : female Lutheran pastors' sermons and the use of persuasion

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Paschke-Johannes, Tracy
Klingel-Dowd, Susan C.
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Thesis (M.A.)
Department of Communication Studies
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This study explores the persuasion techniques used by female Lutheran Pastors in weekly sermons. Male Lutheran Pastors were used as a control group. A content analysis was performed on 30 sermons to determine what persuasive techniques were used, what persuasive similarities existed, and when specific persuasive techniques were used in the sermons.Chapter One provides an introduction to the topic, explores background information related to persuasion and religion, and gives justification for the research.Chapter Two includes a review of literature, focusing on women's roles in religious organizations, persuasive techniques used in the study, and research questions.Chapter Three explains the methods used for this study, including an explanation of content analysis, definitions of persuasive categories used, and subcategories created to add detail to the study.Chapter Four lists the findings of the study, beginning with analysis of research questions, followed by analysis of results.Chapter Five contains the conclusions pertaining to the analysis of the research, limitations of the study, and areas for future research.