The administrative problems of the Indiana Uniform Consumer Credit Code

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Keirn, Edward A.
Perry, Robert T.
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Thesis (M.P.A.)
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This thesis has examined the effectiveness of the administration of the Indiana Uniform Consumer Credit Code by the Indiana Department of Financial Institutions. The overall effectiveness was analyzed in terms of three broad criteria: (1) the ability of the regulatory provisions of the law to be correctly interpreted and applied; (2) the prospective ability of the enforcement mechanisms of the law to halt, restrain, redress the effect of, and deter violations; and (3) the willingness of the administrative agency to efficiently and effectively utilize the administrative powers and perform the administrative duties delegated to it. Each was scrutinized independently in preparing the findings for and deriving the conclusions from this study.The writer found that the Code was extremely complex and difficult to interpret; that the enforcement mechanisms were far from ideal; and that the Department generally failed to compensate for these weaknesses as shown by the unaggressive utilization of its administrative powers and the complete failure to carry out certain of its administrative duties.