The gift of cycling : an honors thesis (HONRS 499/EXSCI479)

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Kehe, Sarah E.
Poole, David
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Thesis (B.?.)
Honors College
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Cycling has been used as a method of fitness improvement and maintenance, a mode of transportation, and as a social opportunity. I purchased my first bike online several years ago and have since had an increasing curiosity about riding. As I began looking for a 12 credit, 540 hour internship to meet the graduation requirements of Ball State's Exercise Science Department, I came across a golden opportunity. I accepted an internship with AeroCat High Performance Bicycles, LLC and have spent the summer learning about my new passion, cycling. My weekly reflections demonstrate the wide variety of experiences I have had, observations I have made, and lessons I have learned while working at AeroCat. Additionally, my internship required the submission of a paper on a topic agreed upon by my site director and advisor, Dave Poole, which I have included. My paper provides direction of the steps necessary to begin riding safely, demonstrates health benefits of cycling shown through studies done across the world, and shows what communities can to benefit local citizens in numerous ways by increasing bicycle programs and education.