Computer-aided language sampling and analysis : implications for best practices in speech-language pathology

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Fair, Jenny
Wagner, Barry Thomas, 1958-
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Language sampling and analysis (LSA) is crucial in the assessment and treatment of language abilities and disorders. This paper examines the benefits, as cited in the current literature, of LSA and computer-aided language sampling and analysis (eLSA), specifically Systematic Analysis of Language Transcripts (SALT, Version 9; Miller & Iglesias, 2012), and the potential impact it can have on language assessment and treatment. This paper presents a proposed survey to evaluate the use of computer-aided language sampling and analysis (eLSA) in Speech-Language Pathology (SLP) clinical practice. The proposed survey is designed to assess: a) current knowledge of eLSA and LSA, b) training with eLSA and LSA, c) current and potential use of eLSA and LSA d) perceptions of LSA in regards to state educational standards, and e) perceptions of barriers related to eLSA.