Arthur William Foote : his contribution to chamber music in Boston and analyses of selected piano chamber works

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Hinson, Eugenia K.
Koriath, Kirby Lawrence, 1941-
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Thesis (D.A.)
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Arthur William Foote (1853-1937) was a member of the "Second New England" school of composers, and is known primarily for his work as a composer. This study shows that Foote was also very active in chamber music and that his influence in the musical community was by no means limited to his work as a composer.Several scrapbooks exist containing programs, letters, telegrams, newspaper articles, reviews, and photographs which Foote collected over a twenty-six-year period. These scrapbooks are arranged, for the most part, in chronological order and chronicle Foote's life and musical activity as no other source does.Foote was a very active chamber musician. He established and maintained a series of chamber music concerts where none had existed before; he sought out the best musicians of the time to write for, perform with, and learn from; and he traveled to many regions of the United States, and to parts of Europe, listening, learning, teaching, and performing.All of Foote's chamber music works, except for the works for cello, remain out-of-print or unpublished. Ten chamber works which include piano and that have been assigned opus numbers are examined historically and analytically in this study;TRIO IN C MOLL, fir Pianoforte, Violine and Violoncell, Op. 5DREI CHARAKTERSTUCKE, fair Clavier and Violin, Op. 9 SONATE IN G MOLL, fir Klavier and Violine, Op. 20QUARTETT IN C DUR, fir Klavier, Violine, Bratsche and Violoncell, Op. 23 TROIS PIECES, pour hautbois et piano, Op. 31