A descriptive analysis of services provided by health promotion and wellness consultants and the marketing strategies used to promote and solicit business

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Mueller, Lisa A.
Mueller, Lisa A.
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Thesis (M.S.)
Fisher Institute for Wellness
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This study provided needed information on consulting as a profession for health promotion and wellness practitioners. Of the 211 participants from consultancy listings for the Association for Worksite Health Promotion and the National Wellness Association, 65 completed the questionnaire designed for this study. Participants completed a 23 item questionnaire inquiring about their current consulting services, marketing strategies, roles performed, job-setting, annual revenue, as well as possible services and marketing strategies for the next five years. The majority of services offered by consultants included health education seminars, health risk appraisals, educational resources, and health screenings. The marketing strategies used most included personal contact/sales, word of mouth, and letters. Health promotion and wellness consultants identified their primary role as information specialists. Chi-square analysis identified three statistically significant findings: health education seminars are a strong revenue source for independent consultants, the annual income range is larger for consultants in a firm, and the annual marketing budget is higher for consultants in a firm. From this study, additional information is known about consultants, including their services, roles, marketing expenses and strategies, revenue, and the development, delivery, and marketing processes of being a health promotion and wellness consultant.