My climate journey : a transmedia experience for climate activism

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Manfredini, Aiste
George-Palilonis, Jennifer
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Thesis (M.A.)
Department of Journalism
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The purpose of this creative project is to expand an Indianapolis-based environmental organization’s mission to Muncie, Indiana in an effort to educate Muncie youth about the direct effects climate change has on their lives and how to positively mitigate climate change in their community. This creative project entailed a nonfiction transmedia storytelling experience in Muncie to raise awareness of climate change among youth ages 10-13 and inspire them to take climate action. This project was preceded by extensive academic research focused on the issue of climate change and its effects and youths’ (10-13 years old) perceptions of climate change. Semi-structured interviews with experts informed an understanding of what youth ages 10-13 know about climate issues and how to motivate youth to take action in their communities. Group discussions with students ages 10-13 from two different middle schools in Muncie were conducted to better understand their existing knowledge of climate change and climate issues. Design thinking exercises facilitated ideas for project development with stakeholders. This project was produced using the transmedia activism framework. In addition to contributing a new initiative to Earth Charter Indiana’s current programs, this project contributes to conversations within the area of transmedia storytelling for youth and social change.