The effects of vitamin E supplementation and resistance training on muscle function in elderly subjects

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Wanamaker, Scot E.
Craig, Bruce W.
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Thesis (M.S.)
School of Physical Education
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Findings were that caregivers considered all items on the Information Needs and Patient Care Needs subscales to be important but most of the unmet needs were from the Patient Care subscale. The needs less satisfied in relation to importance were (a) ways to improve patient appearance, (b) activities that will make patient feel purposeful, (c) information on how to give medications, (d) ways to reassure patient, (e) ways of coping with patient's diagnosis, (f) ways to dress patient comfortably, (g) ways to deal with patient's decreased energy, and (h) importance of not leaving patient alone.The implications for nursing are to assess and anticipate the needs of the caregiver of the stroke survivor so that his or her needs can be met. Preparing caregivers for their new role by meeting their needs will help the nurse met the primary goal of helping the patient.