A study of the Amish dress, supplimented [sic] with a slide series

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Golden, Florine
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Thesis (M.A.)
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After living in a community of Amish and non-Amish people, the author saw a need to seek out answers to why the dress of the plain people was unique. The author sought answers to why the Amish did not conform to the fashions worn by others in the area, and why the clothing was constantly the same color, fabric, cut and utilized the same fasteners. The reasons for the Amish not accepting many changes because of the development of new technology were observed. The main purpose of this creative project was to help the non-Amish individual to better understand the reasons behind the Amish people's lifestyle, and their clothing selection. The second purpose was to become aware of their clothing construction methods. When an Amish family is in need of help in any manner, aid is always provided by fellow members of the Amish community. They dress in identical garments generation after generation. The Amish may not own cars, install electricity or use motor powered equipment. The author reviewed printed literature available about the Amish and she observed clothing, fabric, and notions in stores that serve the Amish individuals in Jay and Adams Counties in Indiana. The author sought permission to do the slide series from the Amish through a friend that is associated and approved by the Amish people. By interviewing the Amish families information was obtained about clothing that is not found in published literature. The author interviewed the Amish families to obtain information concerning clothing before she took the slides. This allowed time for ascertaining additional questions to improve the script concerning clothing. A photographer, ,who farms with Amish individuals, was selected to help create a more relaxed atmosphere so the Amish would more likely furnish as much information as possible when direct questions were asked. The result of the Creative Project is a pictorial presentation which enables tie author to present to non-Amish individuals in her classes at Jay County High School the rationale for the lifestyles of the Amish people, their apparel selection, and their clothing construction methods. The script includes information about changes in the Amish dress brought about by new technology in an ever changing world.