The stratigraphy and sedimentation of the pleistocene section of the May Stone and Sand Company, Inc., Ardmore Avenue Quarry, Fort Wayne, Allen County, Indiana

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Lacy, Stephen L.
Snow, R. Scott
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Thesis (M.S.)
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The Pleistocene section exposed in the May Stone and Sand Company, Inc., Ardmore Avenue quarry rests in the upper reaches of the Wabash-Erie Channel. The section consists of two distinct till units which are covered by a thick outwash deposit. Analysis of the tills has led to the assignment of the lower till to the Trafalgar Formation, while the upper till is assigned to the Lagro Formation. The 13- to 16-foot outwash unit shows evidence of rapid drainage which may be related to the catastrophic drainage of glacial Lake Maumee. Isolated mud to muck inclusions in the top eight feet of the section show the final depositional environment of the channel. These deposits were produced near the end of late Wisconsinan time. The last major event in the area was the stream piracy of the St. Joseph and Ste. Mary's Rivers by the Maumee River, in Late Wisconsinan or Recent time.