William II, a controlled approach to historiography

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Kanfer, Ronald A., 1946-
Wires, Richard
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Thesis (M.A.)
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This thesis has explored the Historiography on William Hohenzollern from the viewpoint of eminent American, British and German historians. Specific phases or incidents have been taken out of William's life and have been analyzed with respect to the historian's viewpoint. The five main books that this study is mostly concerned with are:The Kaiser and His Times,, by Michael Balfour The Kaiser,, by Virginia Cowles The Kaiser, by Joachim von Kirenberg Wilhelm Hohenzollern, by Emil Ludwig The Kaiser on Trial, by George ViereckFive supporting books are used for more specific William's life:Kaiser and Chancellor, by Karl NowakThe Kaiser and His English Relations,, by Edward Benson The Fall of The Kaiser, by Maurice Baumont The Fall of The Dynasties., by Edmond TaylorHistory of The German General Staff, by Walter GoerlitzThis thesis traces the birth of William in 1888 to his abdication as Kaiser in November, 1918. Particular attention is paid to William's personality as seen by his biographers and the reasons for each biographer's study of William is explored.