Meeting the needs of commuter students at Ball State University

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Speer, Lindsey M.
Bales, Vera K.
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Thesis (M.A.)
Department of Educational Leadership
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This creative project established a means of communication for commuter students at Ball State University. A communication plan. a bi-monthly newsletter encompassed the issues matriculating commuter students and other commuter students were lacing applicable to that time period.The purpose of this project was to design a Community link from the institution to the students. Throughout the academic year. commuter students would receive the information they desired in one specific location through this communication plan. This project and research could be used as a model for other institutions. The resources about events, programs, and services throughout campus could be amended for use on other campuses. Information related to what's going on around campus, news or changes that students should he aware of, and other relevant issues would he addressed. Links to on-campus departments would provide the one-stop-shop commuter students value.The project was divided into four chapter_ This first chapter presentedintroducton material. Chapter Two consisted of a review of related literature and Chapter I [tree presented the design rationale for the communication plan alone with an in-depth description of the communication plan. It included a framework for the bi-monthly newsletters. issues matriculating commuter students and other commuter students faced at that particular time. and other publications related to commuter students and matriculating commuter students. Chapter Four wrapped up the entire creative project and consisted of a summary, conclusions, and recommendations.