Multi-cultural literature at home : [an honors thesis (HONRS 499)]

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Conwell, Amy L.
Melser, Nancy A.
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Thesis (B.?.)
Honors College
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As our society changes and becomes less and less homogeneous so do our schools. Many schools in our state are dealing with cultural issues they have never before encountered. Another growing issue within schools is that of literacy. Many children are having difficulty learning how to read. One of the issues as a teacher in this new culturally diverse class setting is how to reach all of the children in your class. One way to do this is by having multi-cultural literature in the classroom for children to read. Children need to read something that is written about someone like themselves because it brings more meaning to them. Another growing concern in our schools today is a lack of parent involvement. It can be a struggle to get parents to come into the school. One way to help students get the help they need from home is to involve the parents in some way in the child's education. The way I have chosen to do that is through multi-cultural literature packs which the child takes home with them. These packs would include a book, a tape recording of the book, three activities to go with the book, and any materials a child may need to complete these activities. By making up these packs the child gets to read a book, but does not necessarily need the parent's assistance in reading. Then after the parent and child listen to the book together they complete the assigned activities.