An investigation of the water quality of Jakes Creek, Delaware County, Indiana

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Laughlin, Marlene K., 1945-
Hibbs, Clyde W.
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Thesis (M.S.)--Ball State University, 1970.
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Jakes Creek, Delaware County, Indiana, near Muncie, was investigated between July 5, and November 23, 1969. The purpose of the analysis was to determine the water quality of the stream throughout its twelve kilometer length.Twelve stations were established to analyze the effects of the pollution entering from field tiles and tributaries. Where Jakes Creek enters Killbuck Creek two stations were established, one above and one below the confluence.Physical and chemical tests, and biological indicators were utilized in concluding the following: (1) The major source of the pollution is from the South Branch of Jakes Creek where field drainage tiles carry large volumes of raw sewage. (2) Another source of pollution which flows into the North Branch is from a field tile carrying effluent from a local dairy. (3) Raw sewage enters the stream throughout its length from small tributaries. This sewage supports andenhances the coliform bacteria population. (4) The water is unsuitable for drinking by either humans or domestic stock (Public Health Service Publication No. 956, 1962). Neither should it be used by humans for partial or whole body contact (Indiana Stream Pollution Control Board, 1967). (5) Based on California State Mater Pollution Board criteria the water of Jakes Creek can legally be deemed polluted.Ball State UniversityMuncie, IN 47306