The relative value of the aural and the visual as elements of a television production entitled the Invisible people : a creative project

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Andersen, Robert Fred Bay, 1935
Tomlinson, William H.
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Thesis (M.A.)
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This creative research project explored the relative values of the use of aural and visual elements in the production of a television program produced by the writer for the Public Affairs Department of WANE-TV, Channel 15, Fort Wayne, Indiana. The program dealt with the migrant farm and factory workers mho move into the community each year, work for a few months, and then move on again. The project utilized both aural and visual elements in the production of the program, and then sought to measure the relative value of those elements through a test designed specifically for that purpose. The test attempted to measure the degree of change in attitudes and knowledge levels of a select audience over against the living and working conditions of the migrant workers.The results of that test were then evaluated through the aid of an IBM 1130 Computing System. The mean, standard deviation, and t-test scores were employed in an effort to extrapolate, to some limited degree, for general principles of mass communication.