Lovers, liars, and clowns : an honors thesis (HONRS 499)

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Fumarolo, Kaitlin E.
Kessler, Karen L.
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Thesis (B.A.)
Honors College
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In my honors thesis project, Lovers, Liars, and Clowns, I set out to create an original piece of art that would feature some of Sondheim's finest songs, while simultaneously telling a brand new story using new dialogue and new characters. Theatre is an art form based on creation and collaboration. This was at the very core of the process of my cast and crew. We selected the musical pieces, created the story, wrote the text, blocked the scenes, choreographed the dances, designed the sets, and much more! It truly was a labor of love. This experience is the capstone of my undergraduate career because it incorporated all of the facets of theatre that I have studied while in school. As the director, I was able to utilize my knowledge as a musical theatre artisan as well as infusing the rehearsal process with my experience in stagecraft, costuming, and make-up. Lovers, Liars, and Clowns is the best demonstration of my knowledge of the theatre thus far in my career and I am proud to present it as my Honors Thesis Project. In my binder, I have included a CD of music from which we drew our inspiration, our original script, a poster, an explanation of the process, a program, an archive photo CD, and a DVD of our final dress rehearsal.Lovers, Liars, and Clowns is a simple story. It is the story of one man and his relationships with three women: his fiancé, his best friend, and a one-night-stand. Though these seem like archetypal stock character labels, these characters were fully developed and infused with the personalities of the women playing the roles. This is a story of self-exploration, self-acceptance, and self-realization. It is a coming of age story that juxtaposes the simplicity of the human desire to find love with the complexity of relationships and romantic situations as a young adult.