Superintendents' perceptions of the impact of open enrollment on public school districts in Indiana

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Cory, Rich A.
Salloum, Serena J.
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Thesis (D. Ed.)
Department of Educational Leadership
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This study collected and analyzed superintendent perceptions of open enrollment in Indiana public schools. Superintendents are uniquely positioned to be at the forefront of open enrollment trends and must work to balance the issues associated with the transfer of students in and out of the local district. The superintendents then plan district budgets and account for the impact of those budgets to finances, staffing, and programming. The dissertation used a survey to collect superintendent thoughts in relation to the six constructs of finance, staffing, programming, climate, marketing, and demographic changes. Inferential statistics were used to analyze the results. The superintendents reported that districts that were financially stable were able to provide high quality staff and were able to maintain staffing levels. In addition, superintendents in more financially stable districts reported a more positive climate. Finally, superintendents disclosed that they need to compete for students at public schools. Superintendents’ roles have changed and they must market their district as they communicate with all stakeholders in order to attract and retain students.