A review of patient care in a critical care health setting

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Prokof, Paige
Siela, Debra L.
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Thesis (B.?)
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The inclusion criteria and requirements of the case studies assigned in the critical care nursing class (NUR 430) are as follows: Patient History (description of patient), Course of Illness (reason for current admission to critical care and/or emergent care), Pathophysiology (related to a minimum of 2 main acute illnesses/body systems for ICU/CIC/ED), Assessments (physical exam findings/subjective findings, Vital Signs, Hemodynamics, spontaneous breathing parameters, pain, delirium, etc.), Nutrition (nutritional needs and interventions), Diagnostics (actual findings, what results mean or indicate, and how findings impact care), Nursing Diagnoses (minimum of 2 per illness/body system and at least one psychosocial or patient education/teaching), Nursing Interventions (related to each nursing diagnosis and other pertinent interventions not included with your selected nursing diagnoses), Drugs/IV solutions (how drugs work in the body, not just the desired outcome of using the drug or IV solution, Medical Interventions and the nurse’s role in it (drugs/IVs as above, discuss any mechanical ventilation/weaning, CVVHD, ventriculostomy, surgery, PCI, etc.), Patient Safety and Quality (discuss a minimum of 3 topics related to IOM and QSEN guidelines in Blackboard including patient-centered care, interdisciplinary teams, use of EBP, quality improvement, safety, and informatics), Interpretation, Analysis, and Synthesis (includes rationale for clinical judgments with a minimum of 1 page), and References (must cite in your case study the reference name in parentheses after information that you obtained from the reference; APA format).