Perceptions of environmental influences on creativity in landscape architecture design students

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Harvey, Brittany D.
Rosenblatt-Naderi, Jody
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Thesis (M.L.A.)
Department of Landscape Architecture
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Ball State University landscape architecture students (n = 42) described their preferred types of environments for doing creative work as well as reported the environmental factors that hindered their creative work. Being alone and having quiet, ambient noise were the most common preferences for beneficial environmental characteristics. Bad lighting, uncomfortable temperatures, and loud, incongruous noises were most frequently reported as detrimental environmental characteristics. The presence of natural elements and/or access to views of natural elements were also common responses. The findings of the study largely support the current research on creativity and preferred working environments; however, there were some notable differences in the hierarchy of preferences within this subpopulation that should be further examined. Some discernable environmental preference profiles and patterns appeared in the survey responses. The results of this study are a starting point for further research on creative environment preferences of specific user subpopulations.