The effect of carbohydrate form and mode of delivery on endurance performance

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Paddon-Jones, Douglas J.
Pearson, David R.
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Thesis (M.S.)
School of Physical Education
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This study examined and compared the effects of ingesting four different, isocaloric carbohydrate meals (460 kcals), two hour prior to a 60 minute bout of endurance cycling. The meals were chosen to represent a variety of types, forms and modes of delivery of carbohydrate: i) Banana Nut Bread®: semi-liquid, oat based carbohydrate-fat-protein combination, ii) Oatmeal: semi-liquid, oat based carbohydrate, iii) Cream of Wheat®: semiliquid, wheat based carbohydrate, iv) Power BarsTM: dense solid, fructose based carbohydrate-protein-vitamin combination. A standardized exercise and dietary regimen was followed prior to each performance trial. The purpose of the pre-trial preparation was to standardize each subjects endogenous carbohydrate stores thereby placing greater emphasis on the ability of each experimental meal to maintain blood glucose. Dependent variables were assessed at 15 minutes intervals during each performance trial to determine if any of the meals could elicit a different physiological response. No significant differences (treatment x trial) in blood glucose concentration, distance traveled, heart rate, V02, RER or RPE were observed (p > 0.05). It was concluded that none of the experimental meals conferred any particular advantage over the rest and due to this fact, issues such as personal preference, convenience and cost should be considered.