Investigation of need for organized maintenance

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Barnhart, Cynthia C.
Hermansen, David R.
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Thesis (M.S.)
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The benefits of maintenance have been known for centuries, and throughout history these benefits have been the basis for much discussion. Recently such benefits have been formally proposed in terms of scheduled or cyclical maintenance programs. These programs have been developed for important historic buildings; yet the same benefits can be applied to any house. This concept is the basis of this thesis.The thesis begins with a discussion of the obvious need for some maintenance program and describes the recent interest of local governments in some form of maintenance planning, discussing the benefits of an organized approach to maintenance. Next it briefly reviews the beginnings and history of maintenance theories and is followed by a discussion of maintenance as a level of conservation of building. Basic statistics about homeowners and the development of the survey are addressed, which leads to the presentation of compiled results of the survey and a interpretation of the data. The conclusion indicates a direction for the development of an organized maintenance plan.