Harrison Wood : an energy efficient residential and recreational community : (residential volume)

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Reddington, Doug W.
Laseau, Paul, 1937-
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Thesis (B. Arch.)
College of Architecture and Planning
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The residential volume of this thesis project is intended to offer a viable solution in response to Louisville's housing demand. This volume consists of a logical sequence of events or supportive information leading to the final housing proposal. This proposal can then be used as a process to set precedent in housing design.The introduction gives a general overview of the problem and some insight as to our (Dan, Eric, and myself) attitude toward this project. I have included explanations of those items I feel are required in health, viable, exciting residential designs.My brief explains the various stratigies or concepts required for a development of this type. Certain amenities are present here, which are not ordinarily present in resident developments in this area such as golf and water recreations. We organized our design to emphasize these amenities and allow for maximum participation.The proposal itself starts with various alternatives and, then, logically-pursues the most reasonable alternative. From this alternative I establish the area where the most major problems occurred. This area became the target for my thesis design. From the brief I drew the major concepts for this area and progressed to preliminary design stage. After the preliminary jury I modified the design in response to the jury statements. My final design is representative of this entire year's work.