Millennial family members : expectations of the orientaiton [sic] process at Ball State University

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Drummond, Adam David
Bales, Vera K.
Issue Date
Thesis (M.A.)
Department of Educational Leadership
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The purpose of this study was to examine the needs and expectations of Millennial family members of the Orientation process at Ball State University, as well as the impact the program has on the participants. Three hundred and fifty family members were surveyed about their Orientation experience. Of those surveyed, sixty-two participants responded. In order to gather data to support the research, interviews were conducted with eight of the family members who returned the survey.Six themes emerged from the data collected:Millennial family members placed an importance on education with an assumption that their child would attend college.Millennial family members felt they were an active part of their student's college experience, including decision-making on where to attend, solving problems, and being supportive.Millennial family members identified safety as an issue they had with their child attending college.Millennial family members agreed that the Ball State Orientation program was successful in programming, education, and interaction among parents, students, and leaders.Millennial family members felt there should be on-going communication between Ball State employees and parents.Millennial family members expressed concerns about their student's experiences during the first year of college.Once themes were identified from the data collected, the themes were supported with evidence from the surveys and interviews. Then, a summary and conclusions were developed with support from a variety of the research gathered in Chapter H. Finally, recommendations for program implementation and future study possibilities were discussed.