The worth of a worthy cause : reflections on leadership of a student activist organization

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Metzger, Stephanie
Thaller, Jonel
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Thesis (B.?)
Honors College
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The objective of this paper is to evaluate my personal experiences as a leader of a campus activist organization. I shared several narratives to represent common themes of my leadership experience that have caused frustration, encouragement, and a range of other emotions. Through examination of research relevant to my experiences, I have more comprehensively reflected upon my leadership role throughout my college career by comparing and contrasting it to published literature. The research included in this reflection incorporates topics related to my leadership experience including the role of failure, mental health, perspectives and paradigms on leadership, expectations surrounding activism, beliefs promoting student involvement, and the influence of personality traits on leadership. The prevailing question of this discourse and my own thoughts is, "has this been worth it?" Through recounting aspects of being a leader and comparing this to research, I have a heightened understanding of my own leadership experiences. Evaluating my experiences through the lens of research has allowed me to recognize the value and effectiveness of my leadership efforts.