The technology that current physical educators use in physical education

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Choi, Won S.
Woods, Marianne L.
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Thesis (M.S.)
School of Physical Education, Sport, and Exercise Science
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As teachers and society become more comfortable with various technologies, it is likely that technology will be implemented in all areas of the educational curriculum as well as physical education. The purpose of this study was to determine the extent to which individual physical education teachers in public schools were using technology as a tool for their students' education. Individuals who were currently teaching physical education in public schools in Indiana completed the Computer Usage Survey on the web (N = 400). To determine types of technology used, potential uses for technology, difference in the implementation of technology by gender and teaching experience, usage of the Internet, and physical educators' attitudes toward technology, statistics including descriptive statistics, Chi-square (X ), and One-way ANOVA were used (p < .05). The results of this study show that physical educators were more likely to use PC computers (both desktop and laptop) over Apple computers. Participant responses demonstrated a high usage of hardware devices such as Printers, hard drives, and CD drives, however, 5.25 floppy drives, external hard drives, Hand-held computers (i.e. Pocket PC or Companion PC), Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs), and smart boards were rarely used by physical educators. A significant positive relationship resulted between use of technology at school and at home. Significant differences were observed between male and female physical educators in types of technology used and purposes for using technology. Use of technology was significantly lower in the experienced physical educators group. Most of the physical educators use the Internet and they usually use it for research and teaching/assessment ideas. Physical educators in Indiana believed that technology has an important role and can enhance their teaching with implementation of technology. The findings of the present study demonstrated that use of technology among physical educators in Indiana has been changed dramatically within 10 years; however, the result emphasized importance of technology training programs for pre-service and in-service physical educators.