Water symphony and fantasy : canal ride : the interpretation of music into a three-dimensional amusement experience

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Peralta, Andrew M.
Laseau, Paul, 1937-
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Thesis (B. Arch.)
College of Architecture and Planning
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What do the arts of music and architecture have in common? Architecture and music, like the other arts, are similarly composed to express our attitudes, our aspirations, and our cultures. Howcan this study be explored and presented to entertain people?The proposed project is a water canal ride which studies architecture through a piece of music. The ride will be "composed" using two design objectives, the first being spatial manipulation and the second dramatic effects.These ingredients will design the spaces that people will ride through. Its themed storyline will be in the interpretation of an emotionally-stimulating piece ofmusic. Guests will experience unique atmospheres of relaxation and excitement.The project is proposed for the Disney / MGM Studios Theme Park in Lake Buena Vista, Florida., chosen for its context of creativity and imagination.