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Haller, Alyssa R.
Germani, Mary J.
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Thesis (B.?.)
Honors College
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Recent decades have introduced significant advances in technology and business. Along with these advancements has come acceleration in skills, improvements in productivity and efficiency, and while great successes, also great scandal and failure. This paradox leads to the question of which factors separate the firms that fail from those that continually thrive. This thesis encompasses the understanding and relevance of Christian values in business. The hypothesis tested is that long-term success and sustainability are significantly enhanced if a firm be founded on strong Christian-based values. After identifying and defining Christian values, extensive research was conducted through analysis of texts, related videos, primary interviews, and the attendance of speakers and conferences to create a complete finding on the impact of Christian values in business. Ultimately, this thesis assesses the idea that firms founded on Christian values possess an advantage in long-term success and sustainability, and it answers the question whether Christian values are an asset or liability in business.