Freshmen seminar

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Bennett, Chris M.
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Thesis (M.A.)
Department of Educational Leadership
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The purpose of this project was to develop a Freshmen Seminar course that would combine developmental theories and student experiences to assist freshmen through the transitional period of the first year of college.The proposed freshmen seminar course was designed with the necessary components as outlined by Robert Cohen and Ruth Jody (1978). The components were A) acquisition of knowledge about the resources of the institution, B) an attitudinal shift from passivity to assertiveness with regard to the educational system, and C) competence in the scholastic skills necessary for success in academic courses in higher education. The course was designed so that it could be implemented into a semester or quarter schedule. The outlined curriculum was flexible enough that an instructor could choose what portions he or she felt was relevant to that institution and had time for.Eight lessons were prepared in Chapter Four. Those lessons were as follows: campus heritage, classroom skills, study skills, library resources, campus resources, major/career options, social/personal health, and diversity. These topics were selected due to their relevance to the lives of incoming college students.