To give the puppets life : an experiment in the writing of short fiction originating from character, plot, and theme

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Wilhoite, William Alfred
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Thesis (M.A.)
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This creative project is an experiment in the writing of short fiction accompanied by an introductory section in which I attempt to analyze the project and assess the results. The body includes three short stories: "The Man Who Changed His Name," "Honor Among Thieves," and "Paying Dues." Character, plot, and theme each serve as the point of emphasis for the story, and in all three works, I have attempted to expand my narrative skills by exploring the use of such devices as imagery, dialogue, plot development, and symbol. The project also reflects my efforts to integrate my own approach to writing with my knowledge of other writers, especially my familiarity with F. Scott Fitzgerald, Edmund Wilson, Flannery O' Connor, and William Faulkner.