Demarcating space : barriers and screens

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Reishus, John William
Hall, Kenton D.
Issue Date
Thesis (M.A.)
Department of Art
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The problem addressed by the student was the creation of private, separate spaces within a larger area. It was determined that folding screens could be utilized in a variety of settings and situations thereby providing a flexible solution.As the creation of the folding screens progressed, the student was exposed to ideas and motivating concepts within the artworld which influenced him to consider a more sculptural response to the problem. A shift of the emphasis from the purely functional to a viewer oriented. perceptual interaction with the sculptural space was the result; although the sculptures did not have the obvious usefulness of the folding screens, the student found the sculptures to be personally useful in his artistic development.The primary method of constuction utilized was welding. Several of the sculptures were the result of combining wooden elements and assemblages with welded steel. Sevendifferent artworks were created, three being folding screens and four being sculptural barriers.